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Types of Wood Used for Building Garage Doors

A garage door made of wood boasts of superior aesthetic appeal, while also complements some specific architectural style homes. Such doors are typically seen in overhead or carriage style to match the features of the home as well as the neighborhood. But what kind of wood is suitable for constructing a durable and beautiful looking garage door? The kind of wood used for constructing a garage door will usually vary in thickness, quality and weight.

Varieties of wood for garage doors

Here is a brief description on certain categories of wood that can be used for making a wooden garage door. Depending on your personal taste, budget and purpose, you could get a wooden garage door made for your home.


Cedar Garage Doors
Cedar is one of the most popular and premium quality woods available in the market. It is naturally resistant to rot, moisture, insects and decay. Cedar is also a highly porous wood, which means that it does an excellent job of absorbing noise. Your cedar wood doors, even when painted or stained, will keep their beautiful grainy appearance. If you decide to opt for a cedar wood garage door, you will have to get it sealed almost every alternative year in order to ensure durability.


Redwood is considered to be the high-end wood used for constructing wooden garage doors. This type of wood features an open-cell structure, containing minimal or no resins or pitch. Therefore, redwood is excellent at absorbing and retaining a variety of different finishes. Redwood garage doors are made with several wood layers for minimizing warping risk from water and heat. The doors can be stained or painted as liked.


Real Carriage DoorsA garage door made of plywood is the most inexpensive, basic kind of wooden garage door. It might have a hardwood skin on the exterior to enhance its outward appearance. Plywood doors could be quite thin and therefore insulated using a foam core layer for strength and durability.
Plywood is known for its versatility and used extensively in the furniture-making, woodcrafts and construction industries. This material also comes in a variety of shapes and dimensions. You can find plywood made in both hardwood and softwood. This basically depends on the way in which the plywood was constructed or treated.


Mahogany is among the expensive or high-end options for making a wooden garage door. However, you will also get a very attractive final effect with a mahogany garage door. This is a type of hardwood which is very solid, heavy, durable and expensive. For this reason, mahogany doors do not make use of a solid wooden piece. Rather, a frame made of a lighter and slightly inexpensive softwood (like Douglas-fir) is used with a mahogany panel insertion.
Douglas-fir is popular as a kind of softwood that is generally utilized as the framework material in garage doors. It could also offer a beautiful effect when used on the door’s exterior panels. There is no match to a beautiful wooden garage door, whether you have a modern or traditional styled home!

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