Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vintage Carriage Style Garage Doors

Custom garage doors are becoming increasingly popular; especially the vintage-look styles. You don’t have to opt for the “normal” designs if you like things to be unconventional and eye-catching. Your home décor reflects your distinctive style and personality, and garage doors are the first indication of what people will see once inside your home.

Types of carriage style custom garage doors

Actual carriage doors, the type that swing open, are quite expensive and typically custom made. A lot of people don’t think of them as practical options to install in their homes. But if you’re a lover of unique, vintage style design, this could be the highlight of your home décor!
It is possible to achieve an old-world charm while enjoying the convenience offered by a contemporary overhead door. How? Homeowners now have the option to upgrade to a “carriage-style” garage door. Here are some of the most popular options for these doors:

clopay canyon ridge garage doors1. Steel-finished carriage doors

The steel-finished carriage garage doors are considered to be a very practical option. They are the least costly option, and require minimal maintenance. You can find a large range of options in steel-finished carriage style custom garage doors.
This option may not appear as authentic as some of the others. They typically have decorative elements that create the look of swing-out doors. Though these doors may all look similar, there could be a lot of variation in their quality, so be aware when choosing yours.

2. Wooden custom carriage doors

wood garage door constructionThe wooden custom carriage doors are the most costly option among other vintage garage doors. However, you can enjoy an unlimited number of designs in this type door. There will be variations in composition and construction of wooden carriage doors. These doors are generally bulkier and thicker, with a high insulation value.
Since wooden custom carriage doors come in a wooden frame, it is possible to build the door’s surface using a variety of different materials. Like all other wooden doors, these demand a reasonable amount of maintenance. Homeowners should take all factors into consideration, and ask any questions they may have, to help make their final decision.

3. Semi-custom wood garage doors

wood overlay garage doorsThis type of custom garage doors can be seen as a variation to paneled doors, which have been used for decades in all kinds of homes. They can be stain grade or paint grade wood doors, and have several different kind of panels. However, these doors will typically have one rail that runs across the bottom and top of every section, so the design options are limited. These doors can only offer a minimal amount of insulation. Again, there can be many variations in the cost of these doors, but it is vital to do your research in order to steer clear of unreliable wood species.

Vintage style custom garage doors will greatly uplift the appearance of your home exterior. It is a good idea to research the different kinds of carriage style garage doors before making a final choice.

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