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Your Guide to Choosing Custom Garage Doors

Your Guide to Choosing Custom Garage Doors

slide up garage doorsA garage door is perhaps one of the most prominent features of a house and the one that is used quite often. So you want to be careful while choosing it. The garage door you pick could either add to or take away from your curb’s aesthetic appeal. This is especially true for homes that have the garage right in the center or front. For such homes, the garage door has to be well-maintained and good looking.
The amount you spend on a new garage door would be worth the value it will add to the overall appeal of your house. Standard garage doors are made of wood, steel, copper or other metal, with a single or double door. However, if you wish to install an aluminum heavy-duty garage door or a customized, designer garage door, then you must be willing to spend some extra money. But custom garage doors are absolutely worth the investment!

Garage door styles
When you are looking for custom garage doors, you will find that there are four basic styles that you can pick from:
  • Garage doors that swing out
  • Garage doors that swing up
  • Garage doors that roll up
  • Garage doors that are side-sliding

swing out garage doors
If you want the ceiling to stay clear, then sliding or swing-out garage doors is a good option. They also lend a distinctive look to the garage. Besides that, roll-up garage doors are also very popular among home owners.
Before you buy a roll-up garage door, measuring the space between the ceiling and the top of your garage door is important. With standard tracks, you will require about fourteen inches of headroom. Besides the standard tracks, you can also find tracks that are especially made for custom garages or those that have cathedral ceilings or very high walls.

Common materials used for garage doors
Here are some typical materials used for making garage doors, both standard and customized.

Wood: With wooden garage doors, you can enjoy the authenticity and charm that is rarely matched by any other material. It is possible to make wooden garage doors locally in different sizes. Wooden doors could be decently priced (mid-range) or could be very expensive. This depends on the frame used, whether it’s lightweight and foam insulation filled or set in hardboard skin. There are also frame-and-panel garage doors which are made with durable mahogany, cedar or redwood.

Steel: If you wish to avoid too much maintenance, then metal, such as steel, would be a better option. Steel is comparatively cheaper and yet quite tough. Steel could rust upon exposure and might require touch ups and repairing of dents. You could consider steel garage doors with fiberglass overlays. These are resistant to rusting and dents. Fiberglass requires periodic repainting as the color might fade over a period of time.

copper clad garage doorCopper: Copper is considered to be among the most efficient and resourceful building materials in the market today. Copper garage doors look aesthetically appealing, are durable and resistant to corrosion.

It is important to do an adequate amount of research before finally selecting your custom garage door.

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