Friday, June 12, 2015

Enjoy Beauty and Function with Custom Garage Doors

Custom Garage DoorsWhether you are planning to build a garage for your property or you are looking to replace your current garage door with one that has some personality, custom garage doors are an excellent choice.
While prefab garage doors are functional for some homes, they do limit your choices. Fortunately, you can maximize both beauty and function by getting a custom garage door made for your home.

Antique Wood Garage DoorsWood Allows for Intricate Detail
If you choose to go for wood, you will find that the complex designs that can be created an incredible. For a classic look, you cannot go wrong with a wooden garage door, especially when you take part in the design process and get to have your visions turn into reality.

Add Windows to Improve Looks
wood garage door with windows
In addition to a beautifully designed garage door, adding windows makes it even better. Another benefit that windows provides is that they bring natural lighting into your garage. Although the difference may not be substantial, the light that comes in naturally may be enough to avoid using artificial lighting, which saves you money on your utilities. Also, since the light comes in through the windows, you do not have to open the garage door and lose the insulation it provides.

Paint or Stain Finish
A wooden garage door is ideal because it can look so different with how many paint and stain options are available. Regardless of how many neighbors you have with wooden garage doors, yours can be unique, not just in design, but in the finish, as well.

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