Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Your Guide to Choosing Custom Garage Doors

Your Guide to Choosing Custom Garage Doors

slide up garage doorsA garage door is perhaps one of the most prominent features of a house and the one that is used quite often. So you want to be careful while choosing it. The garage door you pick could either add to or take away from your curb’s aesthetic appeal. This is especially true for homes that have the garage right in the center or front. For such homes, the garage door has to be well-maintained and good looking.
The amount you spend on a new garage door would be worth the value it will add to the overall appeal of your house. Standard garage doors are made of wood, steel, copper or other metal, with a single or double door. However, if you wish to install an aluminum heavy-duty garage door or a customized, designer garage door, then you must be willing to spend some extra money. But custom garage doors are absolutely worth the investment!

Garage door styles
When you are looking for custom garage doors, you will find that there are four basic styles that you can pick from:
  • Garage doors that swing out
  • Garage doors that swing up
  • Garage doors that roll up
  • Garage doors that are side-sliding

swing out garage doors
If you want the ceiling to stay clear, then sliding or swing-out garage doors is a good option. They also lend a distinctive look to the garage. Besides that, roll-up garage doors are also very popular among home owners.
Before you buy a roll-up garage door, measuring the space between the ceiling and the top of your garage door is important. With standard tracks, you will require about fourteen inches of headroom. Besides the standard tracks, you can also find tracks that are especially made for custom garages or those that have cathedral ceilings or very high walls.

Common materials used for garage doors
Here are some typical materials used for making garage doors, both standard and customized.

Wood: With wooden garage doors, you can enjoy the authenticity and charm that is rarely matched by any other material. It is possible to make wooden garage doors locally in different sizes. Wooden doors could be decently priced (mid-range) or could be very expensive. This depends on the frame used, whether it’s lightweight and foam insulation filled or set in hardboard skin. There are also frame-and-panel garage doors which are made with durable mahogany, cedar or redwood.

Steel: If you wish to avoid too much maintenance, then metal, such as steel, would be a better option. Steel is comparatively cheaper and yet quite tough. Steel could rust upon exposure and might require touch ups and repairing of dents. You could consider steel garage doors with fiberglass overlays. These are resistant to rusting and dents. Fiberglass requires periodic repainting as the color might fade over a period of time.

copper clad garage doorCopper: Copper is considered to be among the most efficient and resourceful building materials in the market today. Copper garage doors look aesthetically appealing, are durable and resistant to corrosion.

It is important to do an adequate amount of research before finally selecting your custom garage door.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Choosing the Right Material for your Garage Door

Garage doors are an important part of your house. For starters, they keep your garage secure and they can even raise the value of your property in the future. That’s why choosing the right material for your garage door is very important.
When it comes to choosing the right material for your garage door, the final decision is always based on personal preference. However, there are considerations that you need to make when choosing the kind of material you need for your garage door. The right material can make things easy by reducing the need for maintenance and also, by increasing the durability of the garage door.
So, here are the pros and cons of some popular materials used for garage doors. This should give you an idea about what you’re are looking for and hopefully, help you make the right decision

wood garage doorsWood is a very popular choice because it looks extremely attractive. Wooden garage doors lend a very sophisticated touch to many homes and they also make houses develop a classy appeal. Many buyers opt for wood because it reminds them of old vintage homes. Plus, wood can take a beating as well and they are customizable. You can have a wood garage door of any size and shape.
On the other hand, wood does have its fair share of problems. To begin with, wood maybe tough, but if the impact is significant enough, you could end up splitting or breaking the wood. Also, moisture can cause wood to swell, which means humid weather conditions may not go very well with wood. Wood garage doors are also relatively more expensive.

rusted look garage doorsSteel garage doors are a very modern choice.  They look good and they are very easy to keep clean as well. Steel garage doors are also available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are also quite solid in terms of maintenance as they are resistant to extreme temperatures and they do not break like wood.
Steel garage doors are also easy to insulate, unlike wood.
However, Steel garage doors can get dented with impact, even if they cannot break.  They are simple in appearance and do not have the sophisticated appeal that wood garage doors have.

The long term expenses associated with synthetic wood garage door maintenance are extremely minimal. Speaking of maintenance, faux wood garage doors hardly need any kind of maintenance. They do not need painting as they are made from a single color composite resin and they are natural rust proof.
synthetic wood garage doors.They are also resistant in to all weather and temperature conditions. They are also extremely durable and strong. You will never have to worry about denting or breaking.
But, there are disadvantages as well. For instance, synthetic wood garage doors are limited in terms of look and color. You will have to settle for what is available. Painting is an option, but they rarely improve things. Plus, insulation with vinyl garage doors is poor, unless you buy built-in insulation features, which will cost extra.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Benefits of Copper and Stainless Steel Garage Doors

copper garage doorGarage doors crafted with copper metal add a distinctive style to the aesthetics of your contemporary home. They are simple in design and high in quality, made using robust material. This is why coppergarage doors are fast becoming the preferred choice of modern homeowners. Copper doors are unique and chic, turning around the look of any style of home, whether a custom-built French estate, a classic wood cabin or a stone carriage house.
Advantages of copper garage doors
The primary advantage of copper garage doors is their longevity. They also require minimal maintenance. Copper garage doors have the ability to withstand long term wear and tear owing to the metal’s own protective patina. This oxidation film is formed when copper gets exposure to sun, air, wind and water. There might be minimal color changes and these allow copper to age naturally over a period of time. Here is a list of some other benefits of installing a copper garage door in your home:
  • Energy Efficient: Good quality copper reduces the air condition and heat that escapes out of the garage.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Copper doors do not require updating or re-painting because the natural patina ages beautifully over a period of time.
  • Adds Elegance to the Home: Almost all kinds of homes look aesthetically appealing when fitted with copper garage doors.
  • Works with Different Specifications: These include wood grain and smooth textures as well as insulation.
stainless steel garage doorBenefits of Stainless Steel Garage Doors
Garage doors made out of stainless steel are smooth and sleek and a brilliant option for those who are on the lookout for a modern, clean, contemporary style garage door, which still has a classic touch to it.
Steel garage doors like copper garage doors have several benefits including strong durability and low maintenance. But you need to ensure that the contractor you employ makes use of high-grade, good quality stainless steel to make the garage door. This way it will look good and last for a long period of time.
Here are some more advantages of stainless steel garage doors:
stainless steel clad garage doors
  • Versatile: As a material, steel is extremely light in weight and this is one of its key advantages. In general, garage doors made out of steel put minimal strain or stress on the opening system of the garage door. The opening comprises torsion springs as well as various other components). It helps to increase the longevity of the door and results in reduced maintenance issues in the long run.
  • Stylish: Besides being strong, garage doors made from steel also very stylish and the ideal fit for modern contemporary homes. These doors can be easily painted/re-painted in several different colors and they never rust!
  • Environment friendly: Steel doors are energy-efficient and also environment friendly. When you need to replace the steel garage door, you don’t have to create pollution or throw it in landfill. Steel can be recycled and used again.

Install a copper or steel garage door to enjoy long-term benefits of a style and durability.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Benefits Of a Wooden Garage Door

wood garage doorsGarage doors are highly practical and today there are so many different options to choose from, that you can actually make it a decorative element of your home d├ęcor.
This holds true especially for those considering getting a wooden garage door. There are numerous advantages of installing a wooden garage door. These can be easily customized to suit your specific requirements.
Not all homes have a standard garage door size. Also, if somebody has added fresh dimensions to their garage space or made improvements, then a fixed-size door which once got fitted into the garage might not be feasible anymore. You may be in need of a custom garage door now.  Irrespective of the size of the door required, customized wooden garage doors might be the perfect option for you.
Why install wooden garage doors
Here is a quick look at some of the major advantages of wood garage doors:
·         Wooden garage doors can be custom built in order to meet the specifications and taste of the homeowner.
·         It is possible to build these doors to fit all sizes and shapes of garages.
·         These doors can be built (or adjusted) for accommodating flat garage floors.
·         You can give your garage a distinctive look owing to the custom-built nature of the wooden garage doors.
·         Wooden garage doors are popular for enhancing the appearance of homes with a natural exterior finish by using elements such as logs, cedar shingles, stone etc.
·          These doors will not dent or crack like aluminum, steel and vinyl doors.
·         Since wood is considered to be a renewable resource, these wooden garage doors will be eco-friendly too.
·         You will find natural substance treatments to enhance the life of your wooden garage door. They will help to protect the door from rotting, bending etc.
·         It is possible to replace garage doors if they get damaged. The damaged part/panel can be easily replaced and you don’t need to replace the entire door.
·         You can use automatic operation for wooden garage doors or operate them manually.
·         Wood has the advantage of being a natural barrier to sound, so it helps in cutting down on all kinds of noise pollution. This is especially beneficial if you live on a busy street or have a noisy neighborhood.
Wood Garage Doors CedarConstruction of wooden garage doors
When considering the installation of a wooden garage door, you might be confused with the different options, particularly with regards to their construction.
Most of the wooden garage doors will have a nice, solid, ornamental appearance, but there is more that goes into the making of these doors. They are not merely big wooden panels. Some wood garage doors could have several layers and some of the layers contain steel frames. This adds to the rigidity of the doors.
Other wooden garage doors might incorporate insulation areas. This allows the doors to provide increased protection against the weather. It also boosts sound absorption.

The type of wooden garage door you pick will depend mostly upon your specific needs and also on your budget.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Enjoy Beauty and Function with Custom Garage Doors

Custom Garage DoorsWhether you are planning to build a garage for your property or you are looking to replace your current garage door with one that has some personality, custom garage doors are an excellent choice.
While prefab garage doors are functional for some homes, they do limit your choices. Fortunately, you can maximize both beauty and function by getting a custom garage door made for your home.

Antique Wood Garage DoorsWood Allows for Intricate Detail
If you choose to go for wood, you will find that the complex designs that can be created an incredible. For a classic look, you cannot go wrong with a wooden garage door, especially when you take part in the design process and get to have your visions turn into reality.

Add Windows to Improve Looks
wood garage door with windows
In addition to a beautifully designed garage door, adding windows makes it even better. Another benefit that windows provides is that they bring natural lighting into your garage. Although the difference may not be substantial, the light that comes in naturally may be enough to avoid using artificial lighting, which saves you money on your utilities. Also, since the light comes in through the windows, you do not have to open the garage door and lose the insulation it provides.

Paint or Stain Finish
A wooden garage door is ideal because it can look so different with how many paint and stain options are available. Regardless of how many neighbors you have with wooden garage doors, yours can be unique, not just in design, but in the finish, as well.

Contact us to learn more about custom garage doors.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cedar Garage Doors Make Perfect Additions to Phoenix, Arizona, Homes

Cedar Garage Door AntiquedDid you know that cedar garage doors are tough enough to survive the majority of damaging elements Mother Nature can throw at it? It’s true. They will withstand moisture, cold temperatures, decay and wind as well as repel insects. Plus, with the right amount of care, cedar garage doors will hold up in hot climates too. And don’t worry. The care required is not terribly taxing.
In most cases, a special marine grade varnish blended with a penetrating oil is the best finish to help keep cedar garage doors looking lovely year after year. Depending on the door openers and garage framework, a little maintenance may be needed in those areas as well. The list of examples includes oiling working parts and caulking gaps or replacing weather-stripping.
But weather-resistance and low maintenance factors are not all cedar garage doors are known for. Cedar garage doors are full of individual character and beauty. Those natural traits come courtesy of the wood grains. They typically feature attractive colors and patterns that help make no two cedar garage doors the same.
Cedar garage doors may also be customized to fit odd-shaped garages and driveways. For instance, cedar garage doors may be designed to slide to the side, swing up, roll up or swing out. Upon request, manufacturers could also add a variety of hardware and other elements designed to compliment custom or standard, cedar garage doors.
Cedar Garage DoorsFurthermore, installing cedar garage doors may come close to doubling your return on investment. To be sure, consult with a local real estate agent to find out what potential home buyers have a history of looking for in custom or standard garage doors. The agents may recommend using cedar as a base material or some other type of attractive wood.
To learn more about the benefits of installing cedar garage doors, please contact us at Door Tech, LLC. today.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What You Can Expect from Mahogany Garage Doors

Mahogany Glass Glass Garage DoorsBuying a garage door is not like buying any door, it is a costly investment and often one of the most important factors in determining your property’s overall curb appeal. Investing in high-quality and great looks for a garage door is worthwhile, and this is exactly what mahogany garage doors provide.

Cuts and Sands Well for Ideal Customization
If you want a highly customizable garage door, you will love mahogany because it can be cut and sanded into something unique and beautiful. It is an ideal choice for making your home and garage door stand out from the rest in the neighborhood.

An Attractive Appearance
Mahogany can retain a high shine polish, so when you combine it with its natural beauty, you have a garage door that is almost guaranteed to look incredible.

Long-Lasting Looks
If a garage door only looks good for the first few years, it might not be the best garage door for longevity. However, mahogany wood is known for being incredibly strong, which ensures that you will be able to enjoy your garage door investment for years to come after the initial installation.

Mahogany Garage DoorsSufficient Soundproofing
Although it may not provide the best soundproofing out of all garage door choices, you should be more than pleased with the soundproofing it does provide as it is good enough to block most outside noise.

Bug Infestation Resistance
An understandable concern when choosing a garage door material is the risk of bug infestations. Mahogany wood is naturally resistant to bugs, especially termites, so you do not have to worry about having a beautiful garage door be destroyed by a bug infestation.

Mahogany is not just your standard type of wood, so contact us if you are interested in mahogany garage doors and want to learn more about the options you have.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Homeowners Should Look Forward to Replacement with Modern Garage Doors

Although it is not inexpensive to buy a new garage door, with proper maintenance, a homeowner can look forward to having a new garage door for several decades without a problem. If your current garage door is pretty outdated and needs major repairs to get it back into outstanding condition, you may want to consider the benefits of going for a brand new and modern garage door instead.

Modern garage doors provide a number of key benefits, and not just because they are new.

Better Security Measures
While automatic garage door openers have been around for quite a few years, and they have been an amazing addition to properties with garages, they have been improved over time for maximum security.
Instead of being at risk due to having the same code, new garage doors have consistently changing codes, which prevents thieves from extracting the code and using it to open the door on their own time.

Superior Insulation
It is nice to have the option to choose how much insulation you want your garage door to have. Old garage doors used outdated technology, whereas modern advancements have improved the materials and overall process used for constructing and installing the garage door to maximize insulation.
Also, depending on the age of your current garage door, it may not have been insulated at all.

Less Maintenance
As with most appliances and large objects that go on a property, one of the main improvements made over time was to reduce the need to perform maintenance on a routine basis. While it is important to inspect your garage door for any potential problems, the fact remains that you should experience fewer problems over the same period of time in comparison to your old garage door.
If you need any help with garage door repair or installation, contact us today.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Faux Wood Garage Doors are the Answer When You Still Need Durability

Faux Wood Garage DoorsAn earlier generation of Americans likely would have loved having faux wood garage doors available to save them from facing deterioration issues. Back in the early 20th century, the earliest garage doors were always made of wood, and it stayed this way right up until less than 40 years ago when garage doors had better materials. Steel garage doors and doors with more solid insulation finally prevented a garage door from looking like it was about to collapse after only a few years of use.
The irony is that many people are going back to wood on their garage doors to recreate the look of those earlier eras. Fortunately, they're living in the right time since faux wood is here for you to use if you want the same thing.
Wood look garage doorsWhile faux wood has been around a while, it's now at a place where you no longer need to worry about maintenance. That's because all faux wood doors are essentially a hybrid with steel so you have the look of wood with the durability steel always provides. And thanks to newer polymer overlays, the faux wood looks much closer to the real deal.
Yes, in the older days of faux wood, you could usually tell it wasn't real, except only when looking up close. Now anyone can look up close at your door and wouldn't even know the difference. This is the best aspect to faux wood's evolution in just the last decade.
It doesn't stop with just the durability side, however. Insulation is greater than ever. Intellicore insulation systems are common now, which provide a level of insulation not available just a few years ago. This means when you want to spend extra time in your garage (or even build an extra room out there), you're assured the heat stays in rather than going out. Plus, it's vice versa in the summertime when you don't want hot air coming in.
Contact us here at Door Tech Garage Doors where we're the area's experts on any garage door. If you appreciate the look of the past while demanding the technology of today, we guarantee you'll love the look of faux wood.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Advantages of Glass Garage Doors for your Home

When it comes to choosing a garage door, glass is one option many people never consider. There are plenty of reasons to choose glass garage doors for your home-here are just a few we thought you should know about.

wood frame glass garage door#1. Glass is stylishand goes well with wood, brick, fiber cement or vinyl siding. As such, you can find glass doors to complement the exterior of nearly any home.

#2. Glass doors allow natural light to enter your garage, making it possible to use the structure without turning on an interior light. Since sunlight can enter, your garage will naturally be warmer in the winter as well.

#3. These doors are more durable than other types of garage doors, since they tend to have a metal frame. As such, they can withstand repeated opening and closing without needing replaced. The fact that the frame is so sturdy means there is very little chance of your glass breaking.

Aluminum frame glass garage doors#4. Different styles are available, and can include tinted or frosted glass to allow more privacy. There are also doors that contain glass panels near the top, and have solid wood or metal panels below. These doors much resemble traditional garage doors, yet will allow you to see out better whenever the need arises.

#5. Little maintenance is required to keep them looking like new. Simply wash the glass with window cleaner from time to time to keep it sparkling clean. Glass garage doors may also be sprayed with a garden hose or pressure washer to remove dirt and grime.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider a glass garage door for your own home. To see the huge selection of glass garage doors we have available, contact us.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Advantages of Cedar Garage Doors

Although garage doors have evolved considerably over the years, ones made from cedar have continuously been popular. Aside from always being stylish, there are a number of other benefits to installing cedar garage doors. Here are just a few we thought were worth mentioning.

wood cedar garage doors#1. Repels moths

Cedar is popular in closets because it helps repel moths, and having a garage door made of cedar will help prevent these pests from entering your garage as well. Repelling moths is especially important if you regularly store clothing or linens in your garage.

#2. Mold-Resistant

This is one of the most mold-resistant species of wood out there. If your garage is prone to dampness, you may want to consider a cedar door to help prevent mold from forming.

#3. Less prone to decay

Cedar can withstand exposure to the elements fairly well without decaying. As such, you won’t have to worry about replacing your garage door or making repairs to it for quite some time.

Wood Garage Doors#4. Lightweight

The fact that cedar is lightweight makes it ideal for garage doors that must be manually opened. Automatic cedar doors place less strain on their openers, thereby helping them last longer. Even though it is lightweight, cedar nonetheless provides a durable barrier against the elements.

#5. Appearance

Many people prefer cedar because of its attractive appearance. You may enjoy the look of cedar so much that you find staining or painting it isn’t necessary. Cedar garage doors look attractive on any home, but are especially appealing on log cabins or houses with natural wood siding because of their rustic appearance.
Cedar doors are also easy to fit, and come in a huge selection of sizes and styles. To see the selection of cedar garage doors we have available, contact us.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Copper Garage Doors Offer Discriminating Homeowners Many Timeless Benefits

Copper Garage Door
Have you ever seen copper garage doors? They are among the most eye-catching options available on the market today. Many designers love them for that very reason. Others adore the fact that copper doors tend to be unique, thanks to their ability to age naturally. And in case you’re curious, manufacturers have a way of stopping the aging process at precise moments and preserving the resulting patina for all time. As such, well-made copper doors will stay looking good till the end. Of course beauty is not the only reason to love today’s best copper garage doors.

There are many others, including the doors’ inherent energy efficiency. Let’s take our custom copper beauties as examples. They are constructed out of 24-gauge, commercial grade steel and a copper overlay to buyers’ exact specifications. The overlay is purposely folded over the steel frame’s bottom, sides and top at 90 degree angles. Then it’s permanently fastened into place with the highest quality rivets, screws and adhesives. So the elements and common, household insects won’t be able to find their way in.
To give you an idea of how long the copper doors are likely to last, take a look at the natural life spans of each part. Fire-rated, high quality steel can last 100-years or more and copper overlays last a lifetime. Garage door openers, depending on the quality and usage, have the potential to last more than a decade. So a home’s copper garage doors are likely to last the life of a home and require negligible, if any maintenance.
The other nice thing about copper garage doors is that they are compatible with other functional design elements, like screens. The screens are ideal for homeowners hoping to convert at least some of their residences' garages to seasonal living space. To learn more about today’s copper garage doors and the screens that can be fitted to go along with them, please contact us. At Custom Garage Doors, we offer complimentary consultations and specialize in offering a range of related services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.