Sunday, August 17, 2014

Faux Wood Garage Doors Will Take You Back to the Past Without Needed Maintenance

Have you ever preferred a wooden garage door, yet were never sure faux wood garage doors even existed? Fortunately, you're living in the right time when faux wood can easily be created using polymer overlay that fools a lot of people from a distance. The look of a wooden garage door takes us back to a far away time when everyone used wood on their garage doors to store the earliest automobiles and even horse carriages. It's a style many people are wanting to recreate on older homes they're restoring.
But recreating the past isn't always easy since deterioration is so common using real wood. Without proper maintenance year-round, a real wooden garage door would be rotted away within a couple of years. Now with faux wood doors available through us here at Door Tech Garage Doors, you recreate the past in a way that has one foot in the present.
What makes these faux wood doors so great is that the overlay materials used on the door are molded from real wood to replicate wood's actual texture. However, you have a lot more to these doors to ensure durability, plus plenty of stylization and customization.

How Thick Are Faux Wood Doors?

Our faux wood doors come from Clopay's Canyon Ridge Collection, and the doors have multi-layers to ensure they stay durable through any kind of conditions. In fact, when you inspect the doors, you'll see five layers there consisting of steel, insulation, full cladding, and overlays. With two inches of insulation, you're guaranteed to have excellent energy efficiency when you want to use your garage for more than just storing cars.
Yes, many people are starting to build extra rooms in their garage, and a solid garage door with proper efficiency is going to be essential to keep the cold and heat out.

Custom Cladding, Overlays, and Finish

You can choose from popular mahogany and clear cypress for your composite cladding. Overlays have the same options, though you have a lot of varieties in the finish. Everything from Walnut to Whitewash can give you different finish colors that look appealing up close or from a distance. These customized aspects help add to the illusion you're using real wood, and you may have many visitors who think it really is wood until being told otherwise.

Stylistic Customization

To give the old carriage door look, we can add windows in a variety of styles to your personal liking. Windows are available in rectangular, square, or arched shapes. We even offer solid-panel garage doors if you don't want windows in order to retain some privacy. However, when you include windows, you'll have insulated glass that helps in the energy efficiency.
If you're restoring an old home and want to have a wooden garage door to match the surroundings, contact us here at Door Tech Garage Doors so we can build and install these doors for you. Keep in mind these work great even with contemporary homes and add an interesting touch of old with the new that makes house styling so interesting.