Monday, December 29, 2014

Gain the Look of Wood in Your New Garage Door This Winter

Wooden garage doors are pursued by many people, even if there might be initial reluctance based on the maintenance involved. Especially through the winter, there might be fear that deterioration will occur and warping or peeling may occur by next summer. Fortunately, with the combination of durable materials with wood, you can get the look of real wooden garage doors without having to worry about the elements harming your door.
We offer custom wood garage doors like this here at Door Tech Garage Doors. These are designed in a particular way to withstand the worst weather while also staying durable so the door stays working efficiently for a long time. This is all available by joining the magic combination of a steel door with reclaimed wood.

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood with a Steel Door
Reclaimed wood garage doorsYou should never have anything other than steel as the foundation of your garage door. Anything less won't hold up long term, and this was an unfortunate fact of life in earlier eras when all garage doors were only made of wood. Many people still love that early look of wood, especially as carriage doors. 
While the above is a popular trend recently, it's built with the same process of having a steel door underneath so the door stays solid. That's exactly what we do with the type of wood doors mentioned above. With 24 gauge steel underneath, you're assured strength for the utmost protection against any harsh conditions.

This also comes with durable insulation so you're assured bad weather won't bring condensation or cold air inside. With many people starting to build rooms in their garages for added space, you need to keep that area well insulated for those inside and for protection of items in your garage.
What about the wood itself, though? We let you choose any type of wood you want and then apply it to the garage door in a unique way.

Wood Application
When we apply the wood to your garage door, we use reclaimed wood off other structures in the local area, including old barns. This already saves you money, and the wood is very high quality. Better yet, you can paint or stain the wood to any color you want. We apply the wood to your door by gluing it on and then screwing it in place so it can't be removed.
Once installed, you're going to love how it looks in a rustic way. Many people here in the Phoenix area love this look on their garage doors, and we guarantee it's going to bring you years of joy and style to your door like no other. Based on the materials used, it's also very affordable while still gaining the durability of other doors made of vinyl.

Contact us here at Door Tech Garage Doors to learn more about these unique wooden garage doors and how we can get one set up for you this winter.